I will be a panelist at The Hatchery’s “Are You Serious?” pitch event Wed Sept 19

The HatcheryI am happy to report that I am scheduled to be a panelist at The Hatchery’s (@thehatchery) upcoming “Are You Serious?” pitch event.  The format is what you’ve come to expect: a handful of entrepreneurs have ~5 minutes each to explain their early stage startups and the panelists respond with polite-but-brutally-honest (and hopefully productive) feedback.

I’ve attended many, many of these kinds of event and even pitched in front of these panels a few times but this will be my first time on the other side of the desk.

My co-panelists are Sachin Jade of Klifer Capital and Kirill Sheynkman of RTP Ventures (LinkedIn, AngelList)

The event will be held on Wednesday, September 19 at 6pm at Mercy College (66 W 35th St, 7th floor).  I hope you can make it.

Details and RSVP here: http://bit.ly/QfGHi4


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About Andrew Ackerman

Andrew is recovering consultant turned serial entrepreneur, startup mentor and angel investor. He is the Managing Director at Dreamit, currently in charge of the UrbanTech and Edtech accelerator programs. Andrew is also a contributing writer to Fortune, AlleyWatch, Edsurge, The 74 Million, et. al. Andrew has founded two companies and has a keen appreciation for how hard it is to build a successful startup, even under the best of circumstances. He speaks Hebrew fluently as well as some Spanish, French, Japanese and JavaScript.

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